Eating Outside of My Comfort Zone

My favorite breakfast: 2% plain Greek yogurt and fruit

In the past month, I have gotten sick twice from eating something that didn’t agree with me. Both times were foods whose ingredients I didn’t know. I am convinced that eating out or eating foods from unfamiliar sources are my greatest challenge right now. Being sick twice has yielded some healthy eating lessons.

The first lesson is that I need to ask questions about everything I take into my body. I need to know what is in what I am eating. I made the mistake this past weekend of ordering a meal based on a simple menu description and the waiter’s recommendation. The meal turned out to have a rich, butter sauce that my body rejected shortly after consuming it.

The second lesson is that over the course of the past 10 months, my digestive system and my palate have changed. My body can no longer tolerate foods outside of my daily norm of lean, high protein, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables. It especially doesn’t like dairy and very rich foods. As to my palate, I love such different foods. I suspect that in some way, my senses of smell and taste are attracting what my body craves and needs. I eat lots of plain Greek yogurt and organic, natural peanut butter. I love strawberries, blueberries, and cherries. I eat a lot of kale, my favorite vegetable, a food that I had never eaten until I moved to California three and a half years ago. I love avocado. I am also a real coffee drinker now, which isn’t necessarily the healthiest beverage because it’s a diuretic, but it is better than my former go-to beverage, wine, of which I drink very little these days. When I do have wine, I prefer lighter styles, like sparkling, white, and rosé wines.

A final lesson that I’ve learned is that if I am doing what’s best for me, there will always be someone to criticize my choices. The biggest criticism is that I am somehow “denying myself”. I am not. I am eating what nourishes me and makes me feel nutritionally satisfied. I still love to eat. In fact, I enjoy it more because I feel amazing with the right foods. I am a highly sensitive person, so criticism bothers me more than most people. I need to let it go and be happy that I am so healthy and full of energy.

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