Your Top Five Questions, My Answers


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Now that I have achieved my final goal weight of losing 75 pounds, give or take a few pounds, I am ready to answer the questions I am asked the most. I would love to hear more of your questions, too, so please share in the comments or email me at beth (at) napafitgirl (dot) com and I will answer them in a future post.

How did you do it?

I am asked this frequently because I have shared my success publicly and via social media. What I did is mostly detailed here on this blog, but in a nutshell, I work out five to six days per week at Fit Body Boot Camp Napa in the early morning. It is the very first thing I do every day to get my metabolism revved up the rest of the day. I strictly follow Coach Laura’s meal plan outline shared on this website previously. Even when I eat out, the meal plan is always in the back of my mind when I order. I rarely veer outside of the plan, except now I am trying to consume more calories so I don’t lose too much weight. I also monitor everything I consume and expend by a combination of MyFitnessPal and my Fitbit.

What was your starting weight?

I weighed 209 pounds. I am 5’8″ and I hid it well by the clothing I chose to wear. At the time of this post, I weigh 132 pounds, 77 pounds lost. I am a size 0/1/2/XS.

What do you plan to do now?

I plan to keep doing what I am doing except consuming more calories, but the calories will still be lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. I also want to participate in more athletic activities, perhaps some 5Ks. I also registered for my first Spartan Race in November. I also want to learn and write more about wellness and help people add fitness into their busy lives. I envision myself being a trainer or a mentor for others.

What has been hard about this transformation?

The criticism of others, which I believe stems from jealousy, has been the hardest. I never imagined that getting into the best physical and mental shape of my life would be something negative or controversial, but it is. I hate when people tell me that I am denying myself when I say no to the foods I no longer eat. I feel physically better NOT eating unhealthy food. When I do occasionally eat something different, it usually makes me sick. I would much rather not be sick. Another challenge has been financial. A gym membership, buying healthy food, and dropping eight clothing sizes are all expensive (although I tried to buy only a few pieces of clothing for each size).

What are some of the psychological effects of this transformation?

I am happier than I can ever remember being. I feel attractive and more men seems interested in me. (That’s shocking, said no one ever.) I love that my clothes fit easily. I am wearing dresses, shorts, and a swimsuit again. I also have more confidence. My self esteem is the best it has ever been. People appear to be more accepting of me now that I am smaller. I am damn proud of my hard work, my perseverance, and my daily commitment to making myself better in every way. I truly love myself and it shows.

4 thoughts on “Your Top Five Questions, My Answers

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for your honesty and for sharing your journey. As someone who knew you “before” I would never have guessed that you weighed that much; you definitely carried it well! I am looking forward to seeing you this fall in your “after” version! PS I am also close to your height and age and have seen myself gain nearly 50 pounds in my almost 10 years as a food and wine writer (with some fluctuations of course). Your story is very inspiring!

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  2. Hi Gwendolyn, Thank you! Wine and food, while delicious, definitely influenced my weight gain. I am happy to be back to where I feel the most happy and healthy.


  3. It’s crazy you went from 209 to the 120s! I’m 5’7″ and I’ve never been in the 120s, I’m very muscular and I weigh 150 lbs. You’re officially “model status” especially since you’re 5’8″ 😋 good job 👏🏽

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