The Positives


I’ve been doing some research on ideal or desirable body weight for a woman my height, age, and frame size and I am happy to share that I am finally at that point after eight months, based on a variety of assessments. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is estimated to be around 21% body fat, which is much lower and healthier than where I started at 39% body fat. As a point of reference, female athletes have around 14-20% body fat. The exact weight and weight range vary by assessment type. I also have more positives to share.

  1. I was taking medication for slightly elevated blood pressure when I started working out in September 2016. At my annual wellness visit in April, after stopping the medications for a week, my blood pressure was 105/67, so I no longer have to take the medication.
  2. My annual wellness bloodwork report was stellar.
  3. I have energy and stamina that I haven’t had in years. I go and go and go all day long. I want to get away from my laptop as much as possible and move.
  4. Eight months ago, there was not much I could do or enjoyed doing when it came to exercise. Today I love my workouts. I love jumping jacks. I love burpees. And, I am even enjoying running short distances and I have never enjoyed running except as a sprinter on the track team in middle school.
  5. I crave working out like I used to crave unhealthy food.
  6. I feel better when I eat lean protein, fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats. When I veer off of my meal plan, I feel sluggish and not well.
  7. My positive mental attitude is through the roof. People tell me that I radiate, I glow, I exude.
  8. I love shopping for and buying new clothes again. For a long time, I hated clothes shopping. When I had to buy new clothes, it was painful. Most wouldn’t fit and those that did, I purchased to disguise the fact that I was overweight. In retrospect, it was what I call “strategic dressing.” I was so good at hiding my obesity that my friends who now know how much I weighed when I started are shocked that I weighed as much as I did. I remember many times crying in the dressing room. Now I reward myself with new pieces frequently. I deserve to feel good about myself. I look pretty damn good, too.
  9. I have regained the confidence and self love that I lost for many years when I was overweight, in a negative relationship, and in bad employment situations.
  10. Most of all, I am happier than I have been in forever. I finally feel like myself again.

As long as my health will allow, I will continue to do live my life the way I am living now.

Below are a few online resources I used for learning more about ideal or desirable weight and ranges for women. Check with your healthcare professional about what is best for you, as each of us is unique.

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