The Negatives

2017-03-29 07.07.03

As I type this, I have lost 63 pounds. A future post will be about the many positives of the tremendous success I have had, but there are a few negatives.

You will lose weight in places where you don’t necessarily want to lose. If you are female, you will lose weight in your breasts. Some of you may be unhappy about that and see this as a negative. Personally, I was thrilled that I could wear button-up shirts again. I was also excited to be measured by a professional in a lingerie store and to find out my real bra size. I am still considered full figured with regard to bra size, but it’s a size that allows me to wear nearly everything comfortably instead of struggling.

You will discover that the fat you have lost actually kept parts of your body looking plump in a good way. The song “Baby Got Back” definitely no longer applies to my derrière and I am a little sad that I lost that curviness. My once smooth and full face now shows more wrinkles than I’d like.

Some people will love you no matter what size you are. They are your true friends. However, I have discovered that some will treat you differently. Sadly, many will like or love you more than when you were heavier based solely on appearance. I was disappointed to find out that size does matter. People who never gave you the time of day will suddenly become more interested now that you are smaller. I have experienced some interactions with men in particular that have made me feel like an object, not a person. Their aggressiveness sometimes crosses a line that makes me feel uncomfortable. I have had to learn to set firmer boundaries.

Your friends, especially those at a distance who don’t see you in person on a regular basis, will become concerned when you start losing what they think is too much weight. They will tell you that the last time they saw you, you looked fine and that you didn’t need to lose weight. You must remember that they don’t know the nitty gritty details of this journey except what they see in photos. They don’t see you working out very hard every day and making healthy food choices. They may also not know your starting weight or health risks. I recently told two people my starting weight and they were shocked to hear that I weighed as much as I did. I am tall, so I could carry more weight, and I did a really good job of disguising it.

At the end of the day, these negatives are not game changers. I would still do it all again in spite of them. My overall physical and mental wellbeing and self esteem are more important than a curvy butt, a smooth face, and overzealous men. I appreciate the love and concern of my real friends and hope that someday I will be able to demonstrate to them, face to face, how much I care and how healthy and happy I am to be 62 pounds smaller.

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