The Workouts!

My Fit Body Boot Camp Class
My Fit Body Boot Camp Class (photo by Andre Davis at

Many have asked me, “How often do you work out?” The answer to that is five or six days per week. However, it isn’t just any workout. I am a member at Fit Body Boot Camp in Napa.

Fit Body Boot Camp, with locations across the United States, is a program that incorporates what is called High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Active Rest Training, which are more effective than many longer exercise programs. It is a 30-minute workout that focuses on getting your heart rate into the fat burning zone while at the same time, you strength train to develop more muscle mass. The workouts are known as the Afterburn ™ workouts because you burn calories long after the workout has ended, for 24-48 hours.

I attend an early-morning class Monday through Friday and most Saturdays. I choose to work out before I start the rest of day because I like the feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning, plus it jumpstarts endorphins, fat burning, and metabolism that lasts all day. Our classes usually consist of four stations of two exercises each. We complete each exercise at a station three times for 30-40 seconds each, alternating between the two, then we move to the next station. We take a water break halfway through the class. We often finish the class with a final burst of exercise and stretching together as one group. The exercises include weight-bearing activities with hand weights, the TRX Training System, medicine balls, and ropes, as well as running, burpees, squats, lunges, mountain climbers, planks, push-ups, sit-ups, and many others.

I have been a certified aerobics instructor and fitness class participant in the past, including activities such as step aerobics, cardio-dance, power walking, and weight-based programs, and I have not found any of these to be as effective in such a short amount of time, with regard to length of the daily workout and time it has taken to get to the fitness level I have achieved to date. I recommend Fit Body Boot Camp or something similar that incorporates HIIT if you want to achieve optimal health and fitness.

6 thoughts on “The Workouts!

  1. Sounds exactly what I am doing at Orange Theory here in Ft Lauderdale – the classes last 50 min or so and there is at least a half hour of high intensity workout to create an afterburn – burning calories 24-36 hours after you finish working out. I am finally on a regular schedule and loving it!

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  2. i’m a fitbody girl myself in Wisconsin. I was in really good shape before I joined FitBody but wanted to try something more challenging. When I joined Fit Body the workouts were addicting and did so much for me and I have worked out at many places. I did P90x / insanity etc and these work outs are most of the time much harder but at your level. I’m a trail runner and these workouts keep me in condition to do that. Fit Body boot camps really work with you too. I went on a hiking trip and threw my hip out. The fit body team adjusted my workouts for me so I could stay in shape while I nursed my hip through physical therapy. Then I broke my hand a few months later and was covered in a cast (fingers all the way up to my elbow) and they adjusted my workout to accommodate me again. There is so much encouragement to keep going. The best thing about this place is that you work out with people at all levels. I’ve worked out next to stroke victims before. I encourage everyone I know to join no matter what shape they are in. The workouts go by so fast. I don’t know about you but even on those days when I struggle to feel like working out it only takes a few minutes to get into it and before you know it your done. I love hearing stories like yours. YOU LOOK FABULOUS! Congratulations.

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    1. I am different in that I always want to work out! I go six days per week in the early morning and I never hesitate. One day my car had a flat tire and I called Uber to go because I didn’t want to miss. No twisting my arm, I love it, and I’ve never had this much fitness success in my life until Fit Body Boot Camp.


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