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Balancing wine and fitness

As some of you may know, I work in the wine business and I have a travel and wine website, Travel Wine Chick. Wine was something I began enjoying with more regularity back in 2008, when I started working as a travel manager for a wine broker and importer. In 2011, I created my website, and in 2012, I took two wine certification courses. In 2013, I began working in the wine business part time, and in 2014, I moved to the Napa Valley to work full time in the business and I completed another wine certification course. Wine became a regular part of my life. I didn’t drink it every day, but often I would come home from work, open a bottle, and drink a glass or two or three. Then there were wine events, winery visits, wine dinners, etc.

When I started my new lifestyle, I came to the realization that my noticeable weight gain began around this same time as my wine interest. I do not think that is a coincidence. When I eliminated most wine and other alcohol from my diet, I believe that jump started my weight loss. When one removes away hundreds of calories per day, that is going to make an impact. Alcohol is also depressant and it slows down one’s metabolism, so it carries a one-two punch.

People whom I know in the wine business have expressed to me disappointment, thinking that I am no longer the carefree, wine lover that I once was. That hurts a bit, but how I feel in this moment matters more than what others think. I still love wine, but I enjoy it in very small quantities. I taste wine samples at home, but I don’t consume the entire bottle. When I go to wineries to taste, I spit and dump like a true wine professional should. I no longer come home and drink wine after work, but rather save those calories for special, social occasions, like dinners out with colleagues or friends. I recently attended an amazing, multi-course winemaker dinner and I had a fantastic time sipping the wines, but I did not drink everything that was poured for me, nor did I eat everything on my plate.

Some of you, my friends, may be sad that I love something more than wine, but it’s me that I love more. I am healthy. I am happier than I have been in a long time. I love being five sizes smaller and fitting into clothes easily, not having to hide my fat from the world. Wine is delicious, but so is the rest of my life.

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